How To Include Supported Independent Living In Your NDIS Plan?

How To Include Supported Independent Living In Your NDIS Plan?

July 28, 2022 0 By admin

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is one of the home and living options under NDIS. This provides accommodation facilities to the participants where they can get their support at the place of their choice.

It includes facilities like personal care and assistance in daily living like cooking, cleaning, dressing, showering, etc. It also includes an overnight stay by the support worker if the participants need it. You can also choose to live alone or in a shared accommodation where you can live with other NDIS participants; it gives you a chance to socialise and make new friends.

This accommodation support is for the people who have a higher need for support compared to other participants of NDIS. People who need a certain level of support at home to live independently are eligible for this support. But there are some things that you can’t use your supported independent living funds for. You can check Supported Independent Living guidelines to know the details.

Ebenezer Mission provides supported independent living in Burwood to NDIS participants. You can choose the place of your liking and follow your NDIS plan there to meet your goals.

How To Get SIL In My NDIS Plan?

After checking the guidelines for supported independent living, if you think this home and living option is best suited for you, you can request to have this support added to your NDIS plan. If you are new to NDIS, NDIA will plan a meeting to analyse your needs and determine what support is reasonable and necessary for you; you can make your request for SIL at the meeting. NDIA will then examine if you need supported independent living to reach your goal or not.

However, if you are already a participant of NDIS, you will have a scheduled plan review meeting to discuss the progress of your plan. You can make changes to your plan in the meeting and add the support that you need for the next 12 months. You can remove goals that are not relevant to your life, or you can add new goals to your plan. Suppose your meeting is not anytime soon, and your living situation has suddenly changed, and you need supported independent living in your plan. In that case, you can also request an unscheduled meeting to have it added to your NDIS plan.

How Much Funding Do I Get?

If you are found eligible for supported independent living, NDIS allows a specific amount of funding in your NDIS plan. This funding depends on your needs, and every participant gets an individualised plan with a different budget. NDIS assesses your reports and all the documents you have submitted to analyse how much funds will be sufficient for your needs. It also uses other means to gather information regarding your needs by talking with your family, friends, and healthcare professionals like doctors and therapists. If you have any information that you think might help NDIS understand your needs better, you can submit that as well.

Can SIL Be Self-Managed?

There are three ways to manage your NDIS funding: self-managed, plan-managed, and NDIA-managed. You can choose the method that works for you. However, NDIA manages your fund for SIL itself. They pay your SIL service provider themselves, which means that supported independent living can’t be self-managed.

Different accommodation options are fit for different people according to their needs, and SIL is one of them. If you think you might not be suitable for this option, you can check out other home and living options under NDIS to find out what will work best for you.

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