Educational Harm Due To Covid-19

Educational Harm Due To Covid-19

March 6, 2021 0 By admin

The COVID -19 pandemic was a global and first health crisis that not only affected health but almost all sectors, especially the economics and education sector. Since the announcement was made for the global pandemic, everyone was instructed to stay at home. To control the outrage of the global pandemic, many countries decided to shut schools, colleges, and universities to reduce interaction and saving lives.

Every working person started working from home so teaching and learning shifted online too. Schooling from home was shocking for parents as well as it was destroying students’ social life. Students suffered during this pandemic mentally and economically. Students were not able to pay attention to their academic careers.  This situation was for a short period but its aftermaths were for a long period.

In this global pandemic, the education sector suffered the most, parents, students, and teachers all were struggling to cope up with the impacts of a pandemic. Students get an effective education when they are physically present in school. Online schooling can’t build a career and develop any skill for students’ future.

Reasons for Educational Harm during Covid-19:

As we know this global pandemic was a suffering period not only for adults but as well as for students. It wouldn’t be fair if we say only one group of society suffered during the pandemic. As the death rates were increasing every human was stressed or suffered from mental health issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This situation was new for every human and everyone was facing economic and social crises. The lockdown was temporary but its consequences were of a long time. Rapid changes in instructions for going online academic year affect students’ learning. Few reasons for education harm due to covid-19.

We are going to discuss this in detail.

  1. Learning Break:

In schools, children grow and develop. When schools were closed, students lost the chance to develop their skills. Students who are underprivileged and have no internet access suffered the most. Distance teaching was shocking for parents as well as for teachers. This break of learning increased disorganization, mismanagement, and unproductivity in students. This learning break led to severe destruction for students’ future and academic process.

  • Struggling Parents: 

During the COVID -19 pandemic, every person was working from home. Parents who were working from home struggled to manage their children’s schooling and professional duties from home. Parents who were serving as front-line workers were under extra stress. They had no choice rather than quitting their job or put their children’s future at risk.

  • Struggling Students:

Students were suffered during this pandemic the most. School students were dependent on their parents and suffered to learn several skills that were easily learned in schools. While college and university students faced different problems. College or university students were suffering from the stress of the global pandemic. So, they’d not able to pay attention to their academics. Students were searching for the best assignment writing services online to complete their assignments. These online services helped them to complete their final projects on time in a pocket-friendly amount. This was the only saviour!

  • Technical Difficulties:

Usage of technology may be difficult for some people. During this pandemic when people were working from home, teachers and students were schooling from home, it was difficult for them to operate technologies. Due to this, teachers and students suffer the most.

  • Increment in Dropout Rates:

The biggest education harm was the dropout rate of students from schools and colleges. Students were not attending schools and colleges.  Schooling from home was going on. Schools and colleges were receiving monthly fees. Families who suffered from economic crises during this pandemic could not afford school fees. For this reason, students dropped out of schools and colleges.

  • Social Isolation:

During this global pandemic, everyone went under social isolation. Schools are the places where students learn social interaction and go through necessary learning and procedures. But this pandemic reduced the possibilities for children to learn human interaction and socializing. Students hibernated themselves into houses. This situation was worse for the students as they stopped developing their social skills.

  • Struggling Teachers:

With students, teachers suffered too during this pandemic. Teachers were confused about maintaining relations with students. Because they were not used to it. Lack of connectivity increased problems for teachers and students. Distance learning seems to be exhausting and depressing. Some teachers were new to the technologies and not aware of how to use them. This also led to the destruction of online schooling.

Wrapping Up:

This global pandemic brought so many difficulties for every human in every possible way. Students, teachers, and parents suffered the most because of the inconvenience in the education process. The situation affected every human in different ways.