#8 Tips to Save Money on Fuel Consumption While Driving

#8 Tips to Save Money on Fuel Consumption While Driving

September 1, 2021 0 By cragwilliams

A significant portion of your limited income is spent on travel to and from your office. You don’t need a finance degree to understand the impact of fuel cost on your budget. Therefore, it is important to find ways to save money while driving to optimise your budget for big savings.

Some employers offer transport services to their employees as part of their benefits. At the same time, others are on their own to travel to work with their vehicle and fuel. You should spend some time researching to gain knowledge about economic driving and some tips to curb the cost.

Save Fuel While Driving

Many drivers are not aware of their bad habits that increase fuel consumption while driving. You should learn from experienced drivers to improve your skills. Here are some tips to save fuel and money while driving –

1. Drive at a Constant Speed

Unnecessary acceleration is a major reason for the increased fuel consumption in a vehicle. This means the vehicle should operate at the optimum speed limit for fuel consumption at a constant speed. Avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration because of rushed driving.

You should use the cruise control in the areas ideal for the feature, such as highways. The varying speed also has its benefit in certain situation. You should always slow down the vehicle while driving uphill, while the downhill drive should use the acceleration from gravity to save fuel.

2. Do Not Drive Behind Slow Vehicles

The driving instructor always asks their students to look for the traffic ahead to drive. With a broader view, you can avoid slow-moving cars to maintain acceleration or speed. Those vehicles can slow down your car to cause a drop and increase in speed to increase fuel consumption.

However, it is important to avoid overtakes that can cause traffic disruptions. You should gradually stop the vehicle if you are stuck with a slow-moving on a single lane road. The sudden breaks will also increase your fuel consumption with constant braking and acceleration.

3. Turn Off the Engine on Traffic Lights

It is a bit of common advice from the authorities to stop the engine at red traffic lights. A running engine for a long duration on signals is a complete waste of fuel. Therefore, you should not keep the engine idle at red signals to save fuel.

However, the community is divided over the fuel consumption to start the vehicle on the traffic signal compared to keeping it idle. Some experts will suggest their audience avoid the process if a few seconds are left on the signal display. According to them, you are spending more fuel on turning on the vehicle.

4. Easy Acceleration in Cold Temperature

The previous generation of cars was used to take some efforts to heat the engine in cold temperature. It was advised to use excess acceleration to start the vehicle in cold temperature. Many people take some time to push the gas pedal in the cold temperature to heat the engine.

However, it is not required in modern vehicles as the engines are designed to operate in cold temperatures. You are wasting fuel because of the age-old practice of heating the engine. Also, the heavy acceleration to start the car has serious negative impacts on the car components.

Find Alternatives to Save Money on Fuel

There are many smart solutions for the drivers to reduce the fuel cost to a minimum. You can save significant money over time by not travelling alone in your petrol car to work daily. Here are some possible alternatives to save money on fuel –

1. Electrical Vehicle

The electrical vehicle is the new trend in the automotive industry to control pollution and fuel cost. The manufactures are offering EV variant of their popular cars to the customers. Therefore, you will have the same vehicle with a more silent engine than the gas versions.

Moreover, the governments of many countries are trying to promote EV sales with special offers. You can have the car of your choice, from hatchbacks to vintage supercars. Most importantly, it is a great measure to protect the environment from the ill effects of carbon emission from fossil fuels. You can take out car finance from a direct lender to buy an EV car at affordable interest rates.

2. Car Pooling

Carpooling is a simple alternative to driving alone to work to save money on fuel consumption. You can find someone with the same route to share the travel cost. There are plenty of apps that help users to find a carpool partner in their local area.

Thus, it is easier than ever to find a partner for carpooling with the help of the internet. People carpooling at least twice a week are saving significant money on their fuel consumption. Also, you will meet new people to share the daily commute and make it less bearable.

3. Public Transport

You can use the transport to travel to work and save substantial money at the end of the month. Also, it will eliminate the cost of maintenance and repair of your car. Therefore, it is a great solution to increase your savings.

However, the public transport may not provide comfort because of heavy rush. It is also difficult in a post-pandemic world. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper safety measures if you are willing to travel by public transport.

4. Cycle to Work

Bicycle is among the cheapest options for daily travel to work. You can move to an apartment near the office to make the trip by bicycle possible on time. Cycling is also a good exercise to stay fit and burn fat.

Though, it will require an investment in a bicycle to start peddling to work. A used bicycle will serve the purpose at a significantly cheaper price.


In the end, the increased saving on driving cost will help your budget to achieve financial goals a bit faster. They will help you become a better driver while increasing the life of your vehicle. Or, you can help the environment by reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprints.