8 Education Apps For Students

8 Education Apps For Students

April 19, 2021 0 By janesmith

Means of getting an education have changed drastically over the last few decades. Where once, books used to only exist in hard form, now you can find millions of books in online libraries. In the past, students used had a hard time completing their academic assignments and essays because there was no other way of seeking professional guidance instead of going to the nearby library or asking help from those around. Whereas now, a suitable Google search could lead you anywhere. You can get the best essay help UK or any other part of the world, your geographical location does not hamper your quest for help. The education sector has undergone a major transformation. The internet has made everything easier and more accessible. Today, countless education apps exist online for students. Those apps are specifically designed to boost productivity in students while making them learn about different things. Here, we will discuss the best education apps for students.

How are education apps any good?

Nowadays, it is rare to look around and find a person who is not busy on his phone. The younger generation is even more stuck to their phones than anyone else. What is better than using this habit of theirs in their own favor? Young adults and kids are more driven to use their mobiles than read a book which also means they would readily use education apps. Even if a student is sitting at his home, in the suburbs of London, he would rather get best university essay help online UK than put any effort himself. Simple.

8 Education Apps for Students:

Here are 8 education apps that are widely used these days:

1)   Quick Math:

Struggling to solve math questions and problems is a universal problem faced by students. Quick Math is an application that is specially designed to help students solve a wide range of mathematical problems, like expanding algebraic equations, multiplying fractions. It even helps in solving right through calculus, matrices, and logarithms.

2)   Science360

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Science360 is an app that provides the latest science videos from scientists, colleges, and universities. This app ensures authenticity and it provides high-quality videos which are updated almost every week. It also has a feature of a 360-degree view which allows kids to explore it from all angles.

3)   My Molecularium:

When fun is integrated with education, students are more eager to learn. My Molecularium is a unique app that allows students to learn by playing a molecule binding game. In this way it allows students to learn about chemistry concepts and structure all while being entertained.

4)   DuoLingo:

With each passing day the world is getting smaller and smaller; learning a different language gives you an edge in this context. Well, now we don’t have to rely upon expensive classes to learn a new language. DuoLingo is the best app out there to learn any language at home. It is of great use for students because of its easy operation and interesting ways. Duolingo gives the students a very simplified yet effective experience.

5)   Epic:

Writing and reading are two habits that enhance a student’s performance in other areas as well. However, not everyone is an excellent writer and it is not even required to write well as long as you take your studies seriously. If you are a law student and you study properly, your essays can be written by the best law essay writing service UK . Easy. But reading is not the same. You can’t make someone else read for you. Epic is an e-book library with a plethora of books available for kids under 12. When young students read from an early age this helps them further in their academic life.

6)   Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational app started in 2006 intending to educate students by providing a set of online tools. The world is getting fast and it does not wait for anyone. You either strive to catch or are left behind. The internet makes sure that we are not left behind. You are stuck at finding the unknown value in a quadratic equation? Surf the internet and you’ll find the answer. You cannot understand a topic in class? Same drill. Khan Academy helps in providing students across the globe with detailed explanations of complex academic concepts. It deals with many different subjects. Khan academy even helps a student prepare for standardized tests such as SAT I and SAT subject tests. Isn’t that generous? Students should make use of this app in the best possible way.

7)   ClassDojo:

Education is not just studying, learning and, studying, communication also plays a pivotal role. ClassDojo is an amazing app that helps students, teachers, and parents interact with each other. Communication is important to create a healthy environment where one can share their concerns be it teachers, students, and even parents.

8)   YouTube Kids:

Today, almost everything is available on the internet. This has its drawbacks because kids can have access to things that are not appropriate for their age. The internet is filled with much disturbing content, and it is practically impossible for the parents to be there with their children 24/7 to prevent them from coming across any such content. YouTube Kids provides an experience appropriate for students. It is an app that allows young students to explore as much as they want since all the content available is fun and educational. Many different videos and shows are available based on a wide range of topics which enhances students’ learning skills and increases their creativity.

Final Thoughts:

A law student is busy googling the best law essay writing service while a middle school student is on their QuickMath app searching for their math homework answers. This just goes on to prove how students, regardless of their educational qualification and age, prefer quick and efficient online help instead of any other form of help. The online world is a treasure if used correctly.